A Little Extra Work Makes a Big Difference With Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Of all the rooms in their houses that Americans might most like to change, kitchens top the list. That is perhaps unsurprising, given how much a kitchen’s layout, furnishings, and appliances can affect the usefulness of that important place. Not only are kitchen remodeling projects popular, though, they can also be very expensive: The average spent on one over the course of the last five years, one study says, was nearly $30,000, hardly a sum to scoff at.

Fortunately, there are good, effective ways of cutting that bill down. Retail markup on items such as manufactured cabinets, tile, and carpets are often surprisingly high, meaning that buyers who put in the effort can often save quite a bit on their tabs. The suppliers of kitchen remodel in Winter Haven locals frequent, for example, often slash prices by up to 30% or more compared to their competitors.


Those looking for cabinets in Lakeland for their new kitchens, then, often do well to seek out stores that specialize in selling discontinued or otherwise discounted options. In most cases, cabinets of this sort are every bit as functional and attractive as others that might be more widely available, but are simply part of production runs that are no longer current. As cabinet styles change relatively slowly over time, there is often very little noticeable difference between these less-expensive cabinets and others that might cost quite a bit more.

While saving money on cabinets can be an excellent way of cutting down a remodeling bill, that achievement alone is by no means the extent of what homeowners can expect. Tile costs are often fairly substantial, too, when all is said and done, so many homeowners should also look into the option of getting overstocked or liquidated tile for their kitchens.

Once again, there are plenty of opportunities for doing so. The providers of tile and carpet lakeland residents are already familiar with often stock discounted items in portions of their stores, while understandably trying to direct customers to the more expensive stuff. These carpet tile lakeland specialists, though, are ultimately most interested in making any kind of sale, so customers who make it clear that they are looking for bargains will invariably be treated just as well as those who are happy to pay full retail. Doing a little extra work, then, can make a big difference when it comes to how much will ultimately be paid for a remodeling project, as more homeowners today are finding out.


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